Get Free Hands on Practice with AWS

If you’re considering AWS, one great way to get familiar with its most popular services and use cases is with our 19 free introductory labs hosted on

What Labs Teach You

test-ql-logo-blockOnline labs provide hands-on practice with AWS in a live environment. Unlike a simulation or demo, labs help you master popular AWS services and real-world scenarios using step-by-step instructions and the actual AWS Console—scenarios like spinning up a virtual machine or database, saving files in the cloud, and more. QwikLABS offers 19 free introductory AWS labs, which generally take less than 30 minutes to finish.


How to Get Started

  1. Go to
  2. First time? Create an account. Otherwise, log in.
  3. Pick a free introductory lab and click Enroll

Popular Free Labs to Try First

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