The Encrypting File System | EFS File System

(The EFS File System) Elastic file storage (EFS) allows sharing storage among the instance with NFSv4 protocol at the same time, lots of applications requires share file storage to share multiple servers.

Once you mount you can able to store the data in efs, it automatically scales up and down when you add or remove files.

There is no upfront cost or setup cost, pay for usage only. The data will replicate in multiple availability zones in a region. It provides simple scalable file storage.

It will support a few regions and Amazon Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu and SuSE Linux.

Configure EFS File System

  • Once you login to the AWS Console, go to EFS

Click on Create file system

  • Select Respective VPC, subnet under availability zone and security group then click on next.

  • Choose performance mode and encryption based on requirement then click on next.

  • Review and create

  • By default system has given steps to mount EFS

  • Create 2 instances with different Subnets and Security Group as you mentioned while creating EFS file system

  • Connect both the instance and mount

  • use mount commands

  • Then Change the directory into EFS, create files in one instance and check those file second instance it will reflect.

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