Create customized AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

AMI: – it’s a master image to create a virtual server, (it include an operating system, an application server, and applications)

In general, while creating an instance in AWS you can find a few options. i.Quickstart, MY AMI, AWS marketplace, and community AMI.

Quick AMI:- Here is the place we can get more AMI which is given by Amazon.

MY AMI:- here we can find our own custom AMI as per our requirement.

AWS marketplace:- Find and buy software that runs in the AWS Cloud, software from trusted vendors like SAP, Zend, Microsoft, as well as many open source offerings. You can now find and launch software directly within EC2 for all AWS Marketplace AMI products.

Community AMI:- here you can find options for specified family AMI.

Why we need Custom AMI?

Suppose we got requirement to create 50+ or more instances with same O/S, Applications and so on, think that if one instance took 30 min, 30 min *50 instances = 1500 min, to avoid this we create one instance and install all required application then will create AMI, from this we can launch as many as we require.


Suppose if you want same custom AMI to another region, we can copy from one region to another region.

Creating Custom AMI…..

Let me explain how to create Custom AMI.

  • Login to AWS Console,


  • Go to service option on the top left side, and select EC2 services.


  • Select the instance which includes OS and required applications, click on action select IMAGE and click on create IMAGE


Then after give a name and description and click on create Image, if you want to add the new volume to the AMI you can add. The next instances come with additional volume.


  • On EC2 console you can find AMI, either you can launch from here or from launch configuration.




Remaining is normal like CPU, ram, no. of instances, storage, security group, review, and launch.

While launching, you can launch an instance without a key pair.

Note:- while connecting instance it will ask you the password, give existing instance password because of AMI capture password also.


Suppose if you want to copy same AMI to another region


Go to AMI from the EC2 console, click on AMI, and select AMI which you want to copy, go to Action click on copy AMI.


  • On the next screen, it will ask you where you want to copy, name and description then click on copy AMI.


Then go to the region where you copied and check, from there also you can launch instance by using the custom AMI.


If you want to send AMI to some other account or want to make public


Select the AMI, go to Action, click on Modify Image permission then select public or private.

If you select public all people who are in that region can able to see and use.

If you select private, you need to provide account number of a particular person, that person can able to see and use




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