Configure VPC Endpoint

Vpc Endpoint: A VPC endpoint enables you to create a private connection between your VPC and another AWS service without requiring access over the Internet, through a NAT device, a VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect. Endpoints are virtual devices. They are horizontally scaled, redundant, and highly available VPC components that allow communication between instances in your VPC and AWS services without imposing availability risks or bandwidth constraints on your network traffic.


Currently, It supports endpoints for connections with Amazon S3 and DynamoDB only.

For testing, I am going to create one s3 bucket and trying to access from ec2 instance

Let me explain how to create vpc endpoint access the s3 bucket data from ec2 instances.

  • Login to AWS Console,


  • Once you login to the console clicks on services then click on s3.

  • Click on create a bucket

  • Give name, region and policies then click on create

  • Click on bucket name upload some data

  • Go to services click on vpc

  • Select endpoint and click on create endpoint

7) Select vpc and service and click on next step

On next screen select subnet and click on create

  • Create one EC2 instance with private IP on the same vpc and subnets and launch the instance

  • login as ec2-user

We have to configure aws into this server “aws configure”

Then it will ask you aws access key id and secret key,

For Access key & Secret key

Then click on continue to security credentials


Try to access s3 bucket data by using a command

Aws s3 ls s3://<bucket name>

It will list out data which is in an s3 bucket.

Then after u can download, upload and create bucket also.

Note1:-To access private IP instance from your local machine either configure VPN server or create one public IP instance take remote of private IP instance.

Note2:-If you’re using Amazon Linux by default AWS CLI is installed, if you want to test other than this you need to install AWS CLI



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