Azure Training is an Investment in Your Awesomeness

Azure Training is an Investment in Your Awesomeness

Windows Azure is a scalable and highly available platform that facilitates users to develop, deploy and host web applications. Windows Azure is:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that provides a virtual machine that serves as a cloud server and allows you to manage everything including the OS running the web applications. The operations can be carried out from the remote desktop and on-premise virtual machine as a server.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables the developers to work without worrying about the load balancers, and software requirements to be fulfilled to build web applications. The whole execution is performed by the web roles and worker roles. The azure cloud service is composed of the configuration files and the source codes and all the tedious operations are handled by Azure thereby enabling you to focus on the quality business logic building.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that provides users to build robust web, highly available and scalable web applications without worrying to install complex software. Drupal, phpBB, WordPress, and OpenX sites can be configured with single click. With a minimal configuration, you are relived from writing lengthy codes and deployment issues.

The Azure Advantage

Azure is an ultimate platform for all your development, deployment and debug related worries without making any special arrangements for the platform components.Working with a PaaS like Azure provides certain exclusive features and that’s why being so favorite of the developers:

To enable the developers creating applications that are highly available and scalable, Azure provides a cloud platform fully equipped with the software, machines and the load balancers thereby reliving the developers from nightmares of arranging all these.

The support for tables, blobs and queues is available as a storage service from Azure that eliminates all worries of developers and lets them concentrate on developing the effective business logics.

Azure allows you to deploy services by simply creating declarative models orchestrated by the Fabric Controller. The Fabric Controller not only monitors the hardware and software activities but also accommodates situations like failures or dynamic changes. The developers are thereby set free from worrying to hire or arrange the hardware and other managements.

With a rich development experience, Azure allows to build exclusive desktop development environment which enables you to test and troubleshoot the deployments before the actual hosting it into the data centers.

Data backups in the cloud is also facilitated by Azure Backup. Now leave all your fear of losing data with Azure. Just develop and deploy and store in the cloud with Azure.

Azure IaaS helps you to create tailored third party software solutions or you can also run multiple web applications on a single machine using Azure IaaS.

Learning Azure

Koenig recommends Azure certification training course to achieve a good career in cloud computing. IT professionals who are Azure certified are indulged into the on-premise infrastructure management and administration.

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