5 Things You Must Know About Ethical Hacking

5 Things You Must Know About Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is a process of identifying and locating the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of a computer or information system by imitating the intent and actions of a malicious hacker. An ethical hacker is a security expert who penetrates a computer or network in order to test and evaluate its security, rather than with malicious criminal intent.

Here we highlight 5 Things you Must Know about Ethical Hacking

1. Grey Hat Hackers
You must know about Black Hat Hackers and White Hat Hackers, but do you know there is a class of Grey Hat Hackers as well? Black Hat Hackers violate the security for their personal gains and destructive motives. White Hat Hackers are also known as Ethical Hackers. Whereas Grey Hat Hackers are those security experts who do not have malicious intentions like Black Hat Hackers, but may sometimes bend rules of typical ethical standards and violate laws in the interest of cyber security.

2. Hackers are Genius
Hackers not just hack email ids or bypass security, but are geniuses who possess great depth of knowledge about computers.
Hackers know their systems in and out. They have deep knowledge of computer systems and its cakewalk for them to hack into any network on the basis of their skills and expertise. CEH Training or Certified Ethical Hacker certification makes you proficient by providing a sea of knowledge about penetrating into computers and networks in an ethical way.

3. Tools don’t make a hacker
To become a really good ethical hacker, simply learning to use some tools is not enough.
Software tools can only help to an extent, the real strength of a good ethical hacker comes from core knowledge and updated skills that can only be garnered through a power-packed ethical hacking CEH certification training or high intensity CEH course.

4. Good hackers are great programmer
A good hacker automatically becomes a good programmer, good web developer, a good script writer and a great security expert.
An ethical hacking certification such as CEH v9 certification, strengthens an individual’s foundation on computing concepts and best practices for a secure and fool-proof system. Thus reinforcing the knowledge of not just hacking, but also about programming and development.

5. Hackers earn big bucks
You can earn a living by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
Apart from certification, knowledge and experience are crucial for determining your ethical hacking career. A deep understanding of penetration testing, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, red teaming, and other advanced concepts is vital to prove your mettle and excel as a CEH. A career in ethical hacking is quite lucrative if you have the requisite skills and aptitude for the same. According to a research by Payscale, an average pen tester or ethical hacker earns approximately $112K per year.

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